Lars Wood, Co-founder, CSO  
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Lars is the developer of QAI. Back in the late 80’s, he was first to solve a US DoD satellite communications anomaly diagnosis challenge with AI. This resulted in the first large scale deployment of an artificial neural network (ANN) machine learning for GTE Government Systems (now General Dynamics). Lars has more than three decades of systems engineering in AI and related technologies in several diverse industries spanning defense to life sciences.

Lars solves fundamental AI challenges. He was founder and director of the GTE-GS award winning Advanced Machine Intelligence Laboratory; was granted 8 ANN foundational patents; received the highest research award in ’89 at GTE Government System’s for his Learning and Recognition (LARS) deep learning system in competition with other founders of ML/AI (including Dr. Rick Sutton, known as a father of reinforcement learning); and is a pioneer in FPGA computing (Lars' ‘93 IEEE paper helped define the FPGA computing industry).

Lars' GTE Learning and Recognition System resulted in the first large-scale application of ANN for the DoD and a contract for $350 million. Since the mid 90's, his R&D focus has been QAI Cognitive Reactors which address the challenges in machine learning and AI using new self-organizing quantum signaling, real-time fine-grained connectionless machine learning that requires no training and is unbiased.

A former Cold War scientist that solved intractable US DoD challenges for classified agencies, Lars was the go-to for CIA immovable problems. His career also spans advanced optoelectronics, thermonuclear and quantum physics, supercomputing machines, condensed matter physics, superconducting electronics, subatomic matter visualizations, "Smart Molecule" drug discovery. 

QAI’s security is based on lessons Lars learned from the security required for the design of the National Security Agency's network backbone (code named Embroidery) and the secure signaling and high mission availability of the LGM-118 ICBM missile system. 

Lars has been a visiting scientist at MIT JPL CIA SCF XILINX SFI DOS FBI LANL SNL NSA NRO DISA DIA Whitehouse.

Lisa Wood, Co-founder
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Lisa has been onboard by way of funding and business development since the inception of QAI in the mid 90's. Lisa is an entrepreneur and big business media veteran. Throughout the mid and late 90’s, Lisa produced many of the largest and most successful IT-focused custom published productions ever to appear in FORTUNE, and a decade later, BusinessWeek. Simultaneously, Lisa funded the R&D of QAI, and has been inspired by the reality and promise of this novel AI, driven by self-organization, for over two decades.

Lisa is also CEO and Co-founder of COGNITIVE WORLD,  a knowledge hub, ecosystem and marketplace for AI transformation. 

Chuck Brooks, Advisor
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Chuck is Principal Market Growth Strategist -- Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies for General Dynamics Mission Systems

(Named Top Tech Person To Follow by LinkedIn - Cybersecurity Marketer of the Year - Technology and Security Evangelist

As the Principal Market Growth Strategist -- Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies, Chuck leads the Market Growth Strategy Team. This role includes driving market strategy for existing and new market segments in public and private sectors. Also define product inception, go-to-market strategy and strategic partnering opportunities.

Founded in 1952 and with global presence in 43 countries, General Dynamics is a leading provider of mission critical land, sea, air, space and cyber technology.