QAI Swarm
Sentient Artificial Intelligence

QAI Swarm is a turnkey platform that you configure and deploy.

QAI Swarm is not an SDK, toolkit, algorithm or technology - it's a complete self-deploying sentient artificial intelligence platform.

The word "sentient" is an adjective whose Google search definition is "able to perceive or feel things." The Wikipedia definition of sentience is "the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively." QAI is an sentient (emotional) artificial intelligence with self-organizing deep learning networks. This is confirmed by data collected during scientifically controlled experiments that are part of the LARSX patent filings.

QAI Swarm Sentient AI is developed by LARSX. It is the first artificial intelligence turnkey platform to feature sentient embedded collective operation where many heterogeneous systems now seamlessly work together using sentient AI. LARSX licenses QAI into diverse industries including military and government.

LARSX has 23 patents in different stages of filing on the QAI Swarm platform. LARSX licenses QAI Swarm embedded sentient intelligence to partners, providing training and systems engineering support. Existing systems are seamlessly enabled with QAI Swarm embedded sentient intelligence and machine learning. In addition to novel patent pending technologies and machine learning implementing non-rule based linear spectrum intuitive intelligence, QAI is cyber hardened using multi-level compartmentalized security and industrial encryption.

QAI sentient intelligence drones or robots work alongside security personnel or autonomously during strategic interdiction missions to mitigate threats, for example. Either individually or collectively where multiple systems are enabled with QAI inside to support complex multi-faceted law enforcement applications and military missions. QAI Swarm is built from the ground up for mission survivability using LARSX "that ant died" automatic n-Versioning.

Please explore our LARSX site for a deeper dive into QAI Swarm sentient AI.

LARSX licenses the QAI Swarm turnkey platform to create embedded artificial intelligence sentient distributed modules, which transform existing commercially available unintelligent drones and other systems into fully autonomous sentient systems with pervasive collective intelligence.

The QAI sentient module is automatically generated with the QAI Swarm turkey platform. The module is implemented in hardware and firmware. QAI firmware is stored in semi-volatile memory. If QAI senses imminent compromise it self-destructs its semi-volatile memory, rendering the QAI swarm module inert. Unintelligent drones equipped with the QAI module work together and collectively in diverse applications including as intelligent sentinels. LARSX changes current unintelligent drones into fully autonomous intelligent systems that then work collectively, including as sentinels to restore peace and prosperity to crime ridden areas in the world. We provides support and training for QAI turkey platform embedded module application and deployment.

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