QAI (Quantum Artificial Intelligence)



Bias is inherent in all current machine learning algorithms. This is because their training sets must be biased for all current machine learning algorithms to generalize their inputs properly. 

QAI addresses this problem by implementing patent pending reinforcement learning based solely on quantum information entropy, validated as unbiased in therapeutic small molecule drug discovery since 2001. QAI machine learning does not use training sets and QAI learns in real-time, which results in instant deep learning network formation and self-organization. The novel QAI unbiased quantum information approach to machine learning is now generalized to any machine learning application. QAI is a turnkey AI machine learning platform that is guaranteed to provide unbiased generalization.

QAI is a turnkey platform featuring sentient embedded collective operation where many heterogeneous systems seamlessly work together using emotional intelligence based on linear differential equations. Sentient intelligence is possible using new patent pending machine learning algorithms that measure the algorithmic stress of the QAI unsupervised reinforcement learning process. 

QAI is a novel technology composed of billions of agents that interact like virtual artificial neurons, forming and breaking connections creating deep learning networks on demand.

QAI deep learning is based upon a patent pending artificial neural network model that mimics Young's interference experiment, also called Young's double-slit interferometer, which is fundamental to quantum wave dynamics.

Applications are diverse.

QAI (Quantum Artificial Intelligence) to power COGNITIVE WORLD

View HERE to learn how QAI is used and configured to power COGNITIVE WORLD, an AI knowledge hub, growing ecosystem and marketplace.


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QAI (Quantum Artificial Intelligence) is a patent-pending unbiased reinforcement learning platform for collective intelligence.

Heatseeker, essential to QAI, is a patent-pending data clustering algorithm that solves hard (NP-complete) optimization problems.

Above, Lars Wood, CEO of QAI participates in Risk Roundup to discuss Collective Machine Intelligence. Lars is introduced at 2:17. The interview is long, just over 1 hour, so feel free to skip through this. We'll make the cuts, soon!

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