QAI (Quantum Artificial Intelligence)
A revolutionary new unbiased reinforcement learning AI

QAI is a revolutionary new unbiased reinforcement learning AI. QAI is a real-time, turn-key platform, and at the same time a server, and an application development and p2p VM OS for massively threaded GPU/FPGA secure high performance machine learning.

QAI serves as an approximate computational oracle machine, enabling real-time NP-Hard / NP-Complete  dynamic optimization, real-time machine learning that is model free, requires no training, is unbiased and scales indefinitely.

In QAI, dynamically evolving world models are generated by measuring quantum information entropy, which results in provably optimal (self-organizing/optimizing) models. Further, these QAI models tell you what you can never know given a set of data inputs.

QAI Requires No Training; Is Unbiased

~ BIAS ~ the biggest challenge in machine learning
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QAI's Initial Focus:

Real-Time Blockchain Analytics, Security and Performance
Blockchain Mining & Pruning


QAI Cognitive Reactors(TM) are applied to NP-Hard and NP-Complete real-time challenges. Blockchain applications offer a number of examples of such challenges, including cryptanalysis and data analytics. Implemented using an edge node agent-based approach, QAI's "plug and play architecture" is a natural fit for both public and private blockchain analytics, security and performance applications. 

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"It's all about Digital Physics quantum signaling." --Lars Wood

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Lars Wood participates here in Risk Roundup to discuss "Machine Learning Bias: An Existential Risk."

QAI Agent Message Diffusion 

QAI quantum signaling communications with edge nodes in action for dynamic adaptation to complex problems.

(Cognitive World is a partner of Above: QAI self-organization in progress, demonstrating the generation of deep learning data clustering networks.